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About Me –

DelosMy name is Delos and I’m an incredibly fortunate regular guy with a beautiful family. I have a little bit of college under my belt, held a number of different jobs and I am constantly challenging myself to improve in some way or another. You can email me here or find me on Twitter or Facebook.

About the Site –

This site was originally created to force me to be creative in some way every week. I have uploaded sketches and drawings, paintings and more. Besides a full time job, I took on a business pursuit (or two) which has crimped into the time I would use on actually making comics.

About the Reviews –

I love comics and I’m always looking at how I can improve my own work by examining other creators’ works. Every comic has strong points we can learn from. The good results can only come by actually making comics – it takes dedication, immeasurable effort and never ending practice. What I hope we can avoid is having to learn everything by pure trial and error. Not everyone has the same skills, let alone the skill levels necessary to create great work.

That’s why I have a little compassion when writing reviews and I overlook minor flaws in order to focus on the positive things that stand out to me. That doesn’t mean you’ll never see a criticism – sometimes a flaw is worth mentioning and instructive. Other reviewers might (rightly) feel the need to discuss all the pros and cons of a comic but I am almost solely centered on discovering what makes good comics tick. Are the reviews on this site (technically) reviews? I’m not sure it’s the right word.

What review policies do I have?

♦ I tried to force myself into a review schedule but there are many days the brain power is all used up before I get home. It bugs me to be so inconsistent but I’m doing what I can.

♦ I may review any comic which fits my Looney Tunes rule. Those Bugs Bunny cartoons often had some adult topics but they were handled in a way that was not vulgar or focused. Therefore, any comics I feature on ArtPatient will be kid friendly in that same way and do not have to be targeted at the kid demographic. Most comics fall into this category, so it’s usually not an issue. I usually will suggest some other reviewers or webcomic news sites that may be able to help.

♦ Likewise, sometimes comics are suggested to me that I just can’t get into. That doesn’t mean they are not good, just that I don’t have much to say. In the past, I might have mentioned comics like this in my Strip News feature, but I have too many projects (not all comic related) to maintain this.

♦  I’m aiming for at least one review a month.What this leaves me with is a pretty good sized list of review requests plus comics that I have found interesting, all rolled up into one big list that is getting very long. The plan is to do some three-up comparative reviews for catch-up purposes. I’ve resisted going this route for a while but I may never cover all these great comics that I have found or have been submitted. I prefer that every comic gets its own spotlight but it’s just not practical with the list I have.

Horror If your comic has a lot of zombies, vampires (sparkly or not,) slashers, demons, werewolves…then I will probably decline to review it or link it. I like to joke that I have enough horror in my life just paying taxes but it goes deeper than that for me. I’d describe it more fully here but it just comes off wrong instead of clarifying.

Sex sells but I may also decline a review if a comic has a lot of sexual situations or has a sexual focus.

♦However, I generally do not require a certain archive minimum. If you only have some very small number, (say) six comics, you might want to build up a little archive to give me and your readers something to look at. Instead, I may decide to feature your comic in the Strip News feature with links back to your site.

About Grab Bag

Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to support this, but it was a feature whose purpose was to share geek joys, sculpture, Twitter follow suggestions, comic related endeavors and occasional articles that deserved more space than a bullet point offered in the Strip News feature. Also, I tried to share a handful of fun things that I didn’t have space to offer in the Strip News posts.

About Strip News

Like everyone else, I always want to know all the fun things that everyone else is doing in the field. I wanted to share what I’ve come across or been clued into whether it’s comic business or pure awesome. There are lots of other comic news sites worth reading, so I do my best not to repeat the big stories that are already well covered. This has also been discontinued, but that’s what Twitter/Facebook/G+ is for, anyway.

Disclaimers, Privacy Policy and Other Notices

I don’t do paid reviews – I may bookmark comics that advertise on ArtPatient for later review but that’s about as close to compensation as it gets.
♦ Since I usually cover online comics, there is no need for creators to send print product. If they do, I’ll mention it in the review.
I don’t collect or do anything with your personal information – which is mainly what you decide to enter in the comments boxes. There are also particular bits that Google Analytics and the host pick up as part of normal internet information exchange but I’ll never spam you or divulge what little information you may have left here.
Comments are approved on your first comment and then auto-approved thereafter. You are free to agree with me, disagree or suggest alternate points of view. You can even tell me I’m wrong, if that’s what you think. Any comments that are rude, crude, profane, spammy or outright name calling may be edited or deleted at my whim. I will then either email you about it or comment about it on the site; whichever I think is going to solve the problem.
All links here are set to do-follow, including those in your comments. I don’t care what the current SEO advice might be – if you comment here I want it to help your page and efforts too.
♦ You are free to repost the RSS feed that this site produces, as long as no content is altered AND the return link back here is kept. Though I don’t see any need right now, I reserve the right to ask particular sites or persons to stop reposting the RSS feed. This might be a bit outdated now as RSS being supplanted by social media but WordPress still outputs RSS.
♦ Images of reviewed works or featured products are always included with a link to their site of origin and their use is not a dispute of ownership. They are entirely promotional in nature and will be removed upon request (and replaced by someone else’s work.)
♦ Naturally, I usually self-edit my own posts. Feel free to correct my spelling, grammar or a bad link. Oh, and I have a plugin that prunes bad links, so if you surf the archive and links are missing, that’s what happened. If you moved your comic or other thing I pointed to, let me know the new link and I’ll re-add it.
♦ I’ll update this with anything else that seems important.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. And thanks again for reading.



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