Comic Sites Updates

If you do any web design, you probably know that Google is about to devalue all sites in the search results that do not look proper on mobile devices – in just a few days, actually. If you are concerned about this – please visit Google’s mobile test page and it will tell you if you have an issue.

I have used the same theme for years on this site – it’s about the content and less about the pretty here – but now I should probably switch the ArtPatient site’s theme. The old theme had some outdated plugins still in use, so it’s just time to upgrade. Hope you like blue.

The old theme also had some custom coding and functions that I do not have time right now to work on and I don’t have time to be picky about a new theme right now, either. I do web design/hosting for small business sites and those I haven’t yet updated have to take priority. ArtPatient will look (very blue) different for a little while and then will change again, I’m sure.

Edit: There is a WP plugin called Wp-Touch which will show your latest posts so you’re not required to switch themes for this mobile thing. However, in ArtPatient’s case, the upgrade is needed. Double Edit: Update your plugins.

That said, I do have a review written to edit and post when I get the chance.

Thanks for reading.

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