Comic Endings

I just read this introspective piece on Webcomic Underdogs, which is an older but still relevant article about comics going on hiatus. Currently, I’m of the opinion that new comics should start with an end in mind – be that one month’s worth of daily journal comics or a single storyline arc.

And … this pic is too fitting not to use here.

I feel this way for various reasons that get covered in the article, but it’s really, really hard to have a never ending project.

Now, we all want the comics we like to just keep going and going. Calvin & Hobbes are still adventuring somewhere in the woods, no doubt, because you and I both know Calvin will never, ever grow up.

Well, that one ended in a non-ending way, but it was clearly announced that it was ending. The point is that closure is better for your audience… readers hate it when their favorite book authors never finish the series. Comic readers are the same.

Have an ending in mind. You can always create another series.

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