The Almighties webcomic review

What Did I Learn?

The Almighties

Let’s acknowledge something right up front; it is hard to do new things with superhero comics. We have had paid writers writing monthly stories about superheros for decades. And more. But this has served us well; we know what kinds of things we want to see in superhero stories.

We know we will get to see the biff-bang-pow and some daily life shenanigans that get in the way of hero work. Heroes will have a matching villain to battle endlessly with and it all usually happen in some big metropolis. And we like this standard setup. We are entertained by the particulars of this larger than life hero and these circumstances and this villain. How will the hero stay true to themselves and keep everything in balance?

The Almighties by Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon looks as if it will bring some entertaining twists in this form. Here’s the description:

“The White House is getting its own super-team… VERY off the record. A former downtrodden housewife with anger issues, a mercenary with psychotic tendencies, a cocky British punk, an egomaniac, and a guy who runs a takeout. This bunch of misfits may not sound like the ideal ingredients for a team, but The White House’s Joe Cyborg wants them!”

The Almighties Origins comic covers what you need to know now, while still leaving some answers for discovery later. What I am interested in seeing is whether or not the themes are fulfilled. Is Ms. F as powerful mentally and emotionally as she is physically? Will the Kruncher be able to overcome his past failures and accomplish something? And what exactly is Joe Cyborg up to?

What Did I Learn?

You may or may not be grabbed by the irreverent tones, the art or even the super hero genre. But this origin comic is set up to get your attention and keep it, so it’s worth looking at for that alone. You can read the Almighties here and there are links to their Comixology pages as well.

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