Faeries of Amsteryork webcomic review

What Did I Learn?

Faeries of Amsteryork

Faeries of Amsteryork, by Dianna Baritot, is a comic about faeries who live in Amsteryork which is a peaceful land northeast of Connectichussetts and northwest of Pennsyljersey. The faeries go on patrol and take care of problems in the realm. So far, this includes things like waking the sleeping winter fairy and trying to save the isle of dragons from destruction by fire.

The tone is far more slice of life than drama. This isn’t your standard fantasy comic where the evil wizard and his invading army of goblins are intent on destroying the peaceful land of Amsteryork. It’s a little early in the comic’s run to pin down themes, but the things the faeries do are metaphors for relevant things like winter arriving or the ferry running on time. Many times, fairy comic plots can revolve around some pretty esoteric things that are important only in that setting. Happily, Faeries of Amsteryork is more grounded.

I also found the setting very amusing, with Connectichusetts and such, being that I’m from upstate New York and it struck me as very fitting for a fantasy take on the upstate area. As it turns out, it’s based on more of a historical allusion which is probably even more fictionally fitting and interesting.

What Did I Learn?

Some say that story is conflict and far be it from me to totally dispute common wisdom, but that definition seems predisposed to drama. If you made a story of your life, it would probably have some minor villains and conflict but the story is probably more about your choices and how you deal with change. It’s nice to see storytelling be something more than direct conflict, like we see in Fairies of York.

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