The Daily Sketch

We’re just going to look at a few of the updates from The Daily Sketch by Jason Luper and Stark White Studios. (I suspect these are not, in fact, daily updates but let’s play along. The last update on the Facebook page was from 2012.)

The first is this one, which is a little touchy-feely and not really representative of the comic collection (so far.) It’s more of an undercurrent that informs the rest.
The Daily Sketch 3

The second is also not truly representative, either, but the tone and subject matter divergence from the previous one is noteworthy. That artsy word juxtaposition jumps out at me with the normal horse, wacky feeding frog and judges in the background. Why does the frog/horse combo deserve such good marks?
The Daily Sketch Frog and Horse

This brings us to the third, which is a touch on the vulgar side but encapsulates the feel of most of the comics. Really, these observations about the daily weirdness in our lives is deeper than first impressions might serve up.
The Daily Sketch Batman Pays

I’ve been doing some intense research on stories and the art of telling them, as some of my previous updates show. While there are different kinds (and aims) of stories, the ones that interest me the most are complete with meaning, particularly emotional meaning. The comic above is about how even the friends of superheroes will take advantage of them sometimes and the first is just as obvious – the second is more dreamy, I suppose.

And just as obviously, that makes the comics created such personal things. You can tell when a creator is just mailing-it-in. And likewise, you might immediately share a certain comic to Facebook if it strikes you. And think about how offended people get when comics offend them – even the driest editorial comics in the newspaper.

Because of the combination of image, word and imaginations, comics can touch people in very deep ways. Perhaps you can take a minute and see what else The Daily Sketch has to offer you.

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