Ucreate Comics And Self Publishing Magazine

A week or so ago, I received a missive from Ucreate Comics, which is aiming to be a new Comic Book Developing company. From the look of things on their website, they seem like they are doing something Zuda-ish. Their official web-site is planned for launch on March 11th at www.ucreatecomics.com where members will have the opportunity to pitch, vote and create comic creations.

Further, they are holding a series of seminars for aspiring comic book writers and artists. The first seminar will be held on May 4th at the Apollo theatre in New York with Neal Adams and Kevin Smith as guest speakers.

Now, it’s hard to say anything about exactly what this new website will be about, but it has a good ring to it. Check it out for yourself and if you have opportunity to attend any of the seminars, report back and let us know how it was.

Also, not everyone has given up on paper publishing. Self Publisher! is trying to help creators. Here is a tidbit… “Building a large readership is hard for anyone, but we feel that building the readership of SP! to a level that we are able to feature a new creator and help launch their book, is paramount to the future of Self Publishing. In a day and age when the economics of things sees publications like Comic Buyer’s Guide close their doors, we think we can still make a difference using the new digital world.” You can check out a free issue on their KickStarter page if this sounds like something you can use.

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