Erstwhile Fairy Tales

In order to be timely with this news at all, you need to just take a look at this:

This is just one of Grimm’s fairy tales that Gina Biggs, Elle Skinner and Louisa Roy have adapted and illustrated for us. It’s called “A Tale with A Riddle.” It’s a story full of suspense about picking flowers. Short but powerful.

If I took the time to analyze the stories in full, you’d miss out on the kickstarter. When I get the PDF, I’ll give it a full review then. I did read enough of Grimm’s Fairy Tales to know that Rapunzel, for example, did not have a happy ending.

What will we see at Erstwhile? Giant beanstalks leading to clouds with rich but clumsy giants? Or maybe a frantic maiden with glass slippers?

We won’t see either of those more popular tales. “Fairy Tales have captured our hearts for generations, appealing to our taste for adventure, horror, and romance. Through the years these stories have been told time and again, though some of these tales are told a lot less than others. Erstwhile is here to tell those tales.”

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