Calamities of Nature – Reposted webcomic review

This is a copy of the review I did, minus the star rating and with a few edits, for Comic Fencing back as far as 2008, which seems to have gone offline sometime in the last few months.

Calamities of Nature, by Tony Piro, is about the absurdities of life and ourselves. Politics, world events and regular gags are mixed together for a very enjoyable blend. And as it so happens, Calamities has come to an end.

The art is perfectly serviceable and fun to look at with its broad crosshatching technique. Likewise, the colors are handled very well in the way that they are combined. They nicely round the figures and scenery out. Look at the mountain ranges; it wouldn’t be the same without color.

The characters have a nice range of personality. Aaron (the one with the headphones) likes to vent about those odd things we see in the world. Alp is the mad inventor with the read and green hat. Ferdinand (Ferd) has the baseball cap and is the kind of character who does things on impulse. Harold is the nice guy who is also sort of a loser. We can identify with all of them at one time or another.

If that sounds like something you might enjoy reading, why not visit Calamities of Nature and read through the archives?

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