Webcomic Review Catchup

Gunnysack Here’s a quick rundown on some webcomic reviews…

I Am Legend gave a 7.5 rating to Root Rot but also revisited Two Kinds, The Path, How Unfortunate, Wayrift, Eben07 and Drow Tales.

Tangents reviewed Critical Miss, revisited Freefall and raved about Outsider.

Meanwhile, Comics Alliance shared a thoughtful piece about Dreamland Chronicles.

Webcomic Overlook looked at Power Nap, Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether and The Trenches.

The Outhouse reviewed a whole webcomic site; namely The Webcomic Factory.

To tie things up, HiLow looked at a number of minicomics, including A.A.R.O., Buster Monster and the Roughage of July and Danger Country.

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