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Ed ContradictoryThere are some many sites out there with great webcomic news and interesting things going on. Here are a few things that caught my eye…

ComixTalk, as always, has had a number of juicy comic updates like this one, that one or that other one. But we can’t overlook timely notices like this one. Relatedly, Cheetah outlasted Tarzan, for a while.

ReMind had a request for webcomic creators and publishers, as well.

I always like to read Tangents’ updates on a wide variety of webcomics, like Namesake and Sluggy Freelance, Saucer Seekers and Errant Story among many others.

More spotlights were thrown on Next Town Over, Saturday Morning Webtoons, Crossovers and Helvetica. Then even more have been offered for Last Romantic Antihero, Curio and Blast Furnace.

I’d also like to throw a shout out to this comic with too much visual information and Sandra and Woo’s crossword puzzles.

I can’t imagine trying to compose a list of the best webcomics ever. (The best of comics of 2011 link is only slightly more manageable, though the link I had for the so-entitled Comics Reporter post seems to be down.) LAWLS saves the day with their top influential comics list of 2011 and Pleated Jeans reported the 60 Funniest Web Comics of 2011 for you to enjoy, as well.

What can I end this on, but a request for more gravy.

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