Just a quick note

Hi everyone. Despite any rumors you may have heard, I haven’t dropped entirely off the face of the earth. I do have a number of posts started but nothing is finished enough to publish. The hiatus is all because of good things happening for me.

I recently took on a part time Print & Copy job at Staples (in addition to my web design work.) I figured this would help get more print experience for my comic printing goals and offering more print marketing tools to my web design clients, as well.

Due to some unexpected personnel changes in the mean time, I am now acting department head in my store with a full promotion in a brand new store (coming soon) in a much closer location. Of course, I’m working far more hours than I had originally planned, too. Ultimately, it’s been five days a week and a forty five minute drive each way so I lost some of my ‘free time’ that I previously used to write posts and do webcomic reviews. And nap.

My web design work also bloomed a few weeks before the holidays, so I’m working on that while the iron is hot. That work comes and goes, and my posting buffer usually covers for me. Between the two endeavors, it’s been a full plate. Whee!

As you can see, it’s been busy but I hope to be back to a regular, timely supply of posts and reviews within a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience and for reading ArtPatient.

PS… If I think Staples has a deal that webcomic folks can use, I’ll post about it but otherwise you won’t hear much about it after this. Not everything is priced for a webcomic artist to make use of, after all. That said, there are a couple of things…

In my store, this week’s ad has a 30% off all print orders if you spend $30 or more (and have the coupon, which is only available to be printed from the online flyer this week.) Depending on what you’re thinking of getting done, this may be worth your while.

Until March, there is currently a $9.99 special for a 12×18 inch print mounted in the center on a piece of 18×24 foam board and laminated. You should see an example sign for it in your local Staples’ Print department. I was thinking it might be a useful, sturdy thing if you go to cons or for putting behind a display of your printed books. (This is not shown on the Staples website.)

(And no, I don’t earn commission on store or company sales – be sure to use your Rewards card and get 10% of your money back on all your purchases.)


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