Comic Credit

Robot In Disguise shirt

Once upon a time, if you were an artists, you studied under a master and plagiarized their style, as directed. They called the shots and took all the credit. You weren’t allowed to do things much your way until you became a master artist yourself.

These days, though, no one is beholden to anyone else for the direction of their art. Initially learning by copying others is a good and useful way to make progress. That’s why you can’t condone plagiarism, especially one so obvious as this.

While I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves unintentionally reusing a joke but copying the entire layout is beyond coincidence. It’s very disappointing when you realize that you’re just repeating what was done before. Generally, comic creators take great pride in being creative and original people.

Of course, creators that deserve credit don’t publish copies of others’ work.

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