More and More Webcomic Stuff

The Crossroads Slackstory shared Two Dudes on a Couch, Engadget is including comics on the blog and their App

And you know someone had to do it, right? That’s right, an Occupy webcomic.

Since my last update, Tangents assessed a number of comics, like MegTokyo, Footloose and Galaxion, among others. I Am Legend looked at The Chronicles of Loth and Kleefeld shared The Adventures of Comicretailman and Snarfquest. The Mary Sue encouraged us to check out Delilah Dirk and Kleefeld talked about Kirby influenced web/comics.

No doubt you will have heard about this already by the time this publishes, but the Irregular Webcomic is no more. As if to offset this turn of event, perhaps we can all celebrate Dork Tower reaching 1000 updates.

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