SilberMedia Mini (literally!) Comics

Silber Media Minicomics
I was invited to check out these mini comics by SilberMedia, done by a variety of creators. You can read them as pdfs through links at the bottom of the linked page or purchase the actual minis. (There are other reviews at the very bottom, as well.)

Despite being the size of matchbooks, some of them are very deep or dark. None of them I read are particularly happy affairs – one is about a young girl who is unexpectedly pregnant and has to figure out what to do. Another is about a robot who is trying to transcend its programming and things don’t turn out well. Yet another is about a murderer who you might feel empathy for. Several are more artsy sorts of things.

They are pretty impressive and tell a lot of story, mostly in single panels. Lost Kisses #4 (among others) has an interesting combination. The images and dialog tell the emotional side of a story about dealing with the death of an ex-girlfriend while the narration provides the more objective explanation. The interesting thing about this is that sometimes the narration is the punchline and other times it’s not. Pretty good for a two inch comic drawn with stick figures.

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