Four Webcomic Picks

Everyday PeopleIf you record music and are in the band scene, you’ll probably like Thank You NASA, which recently hit 100 strips.

Cutting Through is a high concept, minimal kind of comic. Some of them I found very meaningful while others I had a little difficulty grasping. Each comic is supposed to stand on its own but is related to the comics before and after, which this one illustrates nicely. Others are a bit more abstract, like this one which shows a train enroute, the destination and a conversation – all in one panel.

Celebrities! is a webcomic that features famous people doing awkward things. I liked the comics with Holmes, Travolta, Getty and Spacey in particular. Likenesses of are not easy to get right and these are better than most. (One could argue that Nicholson is his own caricature.) If you are a movie buff or watch a lot of tv, you might really like this comic.

One other comic I’d like to bring to your attention is Soul Symphony, which is about high school music students and adventure. The main character, Olivia, has been drafted into solving her classmates’ problems from the inside out. Olivia did not immediately take to her heroic action role but has come along nicely.

And here is another four comic pick that might grab you.

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