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What Did I Learn?

2816 Monument

If you read the comic above, you might find yourself wondering why the guy in the helmet (Captain Remarkable) is complaining that his BB toe is shot off…

To be fair, it is a strange jumping in point to introduce you to 2816 Monument by Mark Leutke. But I wanted to show you what’s normal for this comic.

And by normal, I don’t mean bloody limbs. Or Paul (the guy with the white shirt) being worried about insurance. I’m talking about Captain Remarkable calling his toe a BB toe. I’m talking about Calypso not being overly concerned with having shot off said toe or Mr. Remarkable’s reference to their history. Believe it or not, this is a logical progression of the preceding storyline.

Paul needed some help making the rent and managed to acquire a few folks to help him out. Or maybe they acquired him. But as the About page suggests, it’s better to begin at the beginning if you want to understand how this all could be perfectly logical. Even then, you might still find Captain Kittenface… hard to understand.

The linework has this built-in variation, thin to thick and blocky with wispy trails. It’s just shy of smudged and it fits the tone of the comic nicely. It brings out a constantly ungainly and unkempt feel. I’m not sure I should do this, but I’ll ask: Can you imagine what the apartment they all live in smells like?

I like the photobomb idea, too. I’d like to see more ideas like this done by many more comic sites.

What Did I Learn?

I’d love to see the train of thought that brought forth these characters and this storyline. Beneath all the crazy, random-ish events and the random-seeming things the characters do, there are strong moments. I think the word to describe them is poignancy, which strangely, has four definitions which all fit 2816 Monument nicely.


  1. delos

    Thanks for sharing your comic with all of us.

    As for curating, after a couple of years some links go bad which diminishes the use of the archives. All that’s left (online) of some comics are the screenshots in their reviews. It’s such a shame, because anyone who has made a comic knows that hours of work go into them.

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