Digital Fooey

KC AmazingThis piece from TechCrunch was interesting. It suggests using the internet as marketing but the lack of quality content is a problem which drives readers to their iPods or to professionally edited magazines. The article emphasizes that being on the web eventually compromises the quality of the product.

To that I say “fooey” and “hogwash.” All the people I know who read things on their iPod (or whatever) don’t seem to give two figs about preferring one media over the other. They’ll read magazines or computer screens.

Let me illustrate. When you go to the Dentist’s office, you’ll read what magazines they have or watch the TV. It’s free, so you read or watch while you’re there. The internet is the same thing. It’s free, so you fish around. The problem is not so much low quality content but there’s just so much of it.

If you hit a point where you have to pay to continue, it’s easy to go somewhere else. And this is no different than the newspaper. The newspaper was a cheap solution for a few hundred years (give or take) but now you can just go online and get your news without paying for the paper.

This doesn’t mean we’re all going to go buy the Economist or turn our backs on the web.

It also means that using the web to promote your web comic is a perfectly valid way to get your comic out there. And publishing some of your work on the iPod is also a perfectly valid way to make some money. PDFs are valid, too.

But you already knew that. If you haven’t done created something for sale yet, now’s the time.

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