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September 22, 2011

To: The Webcomic Community
Readers and Artists of inkOUTBREAK

New site launches a unique way for readers to find their comics, and creators to find their audience

Follow, Discover, and Enjoy hundreds of webcomics

Plymouth, New Hampshire – Beginning as a bookmark site for a few co-workers, inkOUTBREAK has grown into a hybrid of RSS reader, webcomic portal, and all-around slacking site. The main boast allows for an easy romp through an individuals recently updated favorite webcomics. Three months has passed, and the site has branched from a handful of friends, to hundreds of readers digging through comics they follow. In addition to a readers already desired comics, the site caters to revealing suggestions after reading their favorites for the day. While Ink exists in what is looked at as a functional BETA, it continues to flourish with ideas regarding how to better deliver comics to new readers, especially those outside the web savvy world.

The feedback for inkOUTBREAK has been immensely positive. Andrew Gregoire, creator of I am ARG! stated, “The thing I like about inkOUTBREAK is that it allows a reader a convenient way to see new comics and read their daily rotation of comics all in one place. It’s a really fair and awesome way to discover new comics or have your comics reach new readers”. The most effective aspect of Ink has also been noted by several users. “A ton of comics in one place; only Hercules could possibly carry them all!”, quipped Dan Monroe of Ye Gawds. And Shawn Gustafson from The Specialists says, “inkOUTBREAK is the best webcomic portal out there, hands down”.

Not your usual webcomic viewing platform
inkOUTBREAKs core revolves around the reader, so there is no voting or top comic. Everything revolves around a users preferences: what they follow, what they bump up, and what tags they have selected. Attention is also made to negative details, like blocked tags and blocked comics. This allows the reader to take only a few minutes reading through several comics instead of checking a bookmark, or searching for webcomics. These components feed to a reader through a queue, which can then be shared with friends by a simple URL. Doing so, gives those friends a head-start into viewing webcomics, and following favorites of their own.

Something everybody can understand
The way in which the reader is guided to comics is a bit different than other sites. Ink promotes a toolbar at the top of its page, and loads the comic in an Iframe below. Allowing the reader a “Next” button, lets them effortlessly hop over to the next more relevant comic in their queue. For an artist, this means page views and ad revenue, as the user is browsing that comic artists site, instead of a second-party host site. This serves the creator to keep the reader updated on anything relevant to their work. Such specifics as book releases, convention trips, and new projects can all be relayed, since the reader is actually on the creators site.

Remembering where you left off, so you don’t have to
For artists, Ink doesn’t just stop at getting your exposure. Unlike other webcomic list sites, inkOUTBREAK continuously searches for ways to help the reader or creator. An example of such is the page saver script. The page saver takes the last page of where a reader from Ink was in a comic’s archive, and saves it. The next time they go to Ink, the reader can click “Continue Reading” on the desired comic and be taken back where they left off. This feature works no matter where you are signed in. Start at home before work, continue on the subway while on your phone, and finish up an archive while taking a break at work. When consideration is made to a comic with 800 pages, in the artists perspective, that could be 800 page views for ad revenue. InkOUTBREAK helps with the importance of getting the most out of the content which has been created.

InkOUTBREAK’s main purpose strives to change the way in which people view comics, and opens doors to people who have not yet been introduced to the webcomic world. In addition, Ink lends exposure to work of artists, helping them keep a consistent flow of traffic to their updates.


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