Comic Making Meanderings

Flying Sparks Wondering what other webcomic artists have for advertising results? Try Lilith on for size. Wondering what you should sell for merchandise? Perhaps you are wondering who your audience is (or should be?) and how to get more traffic. You might also enjoy a discussion about whether or not characters write themselves.

And then, look and see what Ryan Dodds has done in order to create his graphic novel. Tom from Marooned shared his digital comic making process, which might be eye opening for those of you who have never created a webcomic. There are a lot of steps, not the least of which is coloring.

If you’re an artist, why not try out for this eight page comic?

I should probably mention that Comixology has a new version with expanded features and benefits.

There have been a few folks talking about digital comics, too. Here’s an interview with Natalie Nourigat which was an interesting read. The Beat shared Kurtz’s thoughts on digital vs. retail. and Dharbin! gave us fifteen thoughts on digital comics.

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