Lookit All These Webcomic Reviews

Umbrella Boat Webcomic Overlook gave three stars to Space Time Condominium, The Noob and Turbo Defiant Kimecan. Four stars went to The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies and GG Guys. And then there was Brental Floss, bested only by Dueling Analogs.

Tangents talked about Crimson Dark, which is coming to an end. And Striptease is ending, too. He also looked at Friends With Boys

Zhi went on a webcomic walkabout and looked briefly at The Fox Sister and Sore Thumbs and found Sfeer Theory to be a slow, delicious simmer.

I am Legend gave Capriphona an 8. Not bad. Zodiac got a 7.

ComixTalk liked Zahra’s Paradise, liking both the print and wecomic editions. Warren Peace made the case for a selection of mini comics and for seeking out some worthwhile comics.

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