The Biz

Looking for reviews or maybe some tips on how to write your comic’s blurbs? ComixTalk mailbag to the rescue!

Here is more site stuff about proclaiming yourself the author of your work. Google’s just getting started with this, so get on the horse now. Facebook is for networking and Twitter is for announcing – that’s the consensus, anyway. Google’s about conversations, so far.

March Madness Mr. Kleefeld is doing his level best to tell us to keep making comics. He’s right.

And we should not be afraid to reach for the results we are looking for. All it takes is hard work and optimism. It might will not happen overnight or maybe not even how you thought it would go. But it’ll go somewhere fun even if it feels like this sometimes. There is no try, only do.

Cheer yourself up by buying yourself a nice shirt.

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