The Hiatus Three

Hi folks. Today, we have three comics that requested reviews but have all gone on hiatus within a month of the request. Things happen. We all understand. One fizzled out, another was a part time effort, and the last has gone into print.

Each of these seemed like they had some promise and I wanted to show you them.

The first is a comic called A Fine Example by Brian James. I thought the pacing was extremely well done for the story type and the story itself was original and intriguing.

A Fine Example

The next webcomic is a short, newspaper format comic called Rogue’s Galley by Jason Banditt Adams. Great cameos, characters and dialog. Did I mention how short it is? What a shame.

Rogues Gallery

The last is Seven Years in Dog Land by Johnny Tay. To be fair, this comic is seven years long and it is available in print. The website shows the first four years worth. It’s a deep comic, based on a deep concept and turns things on its head. Perhaps it’s not fair to lump this into hiatus but the website didn’t seem very active. I may return to this comic at a future date for a full review. UPDATE: The webcomic has stopped updating but readers can get the full story on the ebook (via or print (most online bookstores).

Seven Years in Dogland

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