Just Get Me 10%

GG GuysMuch ado has been made of 1000 true fans being all you really need to be creatively successful. Think you can get 10% of [your genre’s] comic lovers to enjoy your comic? Perhaps that’s really all you need to get a good start.

Obviously, I have no way of statistically testing this but ideas do hit a certain threshold before they become accepted as mainstream. Lots of people loved Facebook before it became big enough that everyone wanted to be on it, which seems to fit the 10% rule of thumb.

Perhaps that’s the goal, then. Get 10% of your audience commenting about or promoting your comic. As your audience grows, perhaps the reach of your comic will grow as well.


  1. delos

    10% is far easier to get your head around than 100%, right? Maybe the tipping point is a bit higher, but at some point it should become (almost) self sustaining.

    That’s the point at which you have regular commenters who talk among themselves, perhaps.

    The upshot is that the less readers you have, the easier it should be. In theory, at least.

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