Comic Site Scraping

And this is a cry for help. Anyone know of a good Mac or server-based site scraper? I’m thinking it would be helpful for many comic folks who maintain websites to have an emergency way to capture their whole site in html. If your comic site is blog-based, there isn’t a good way to get your site intact. Sure, you can download the MySQL and the theme and then all your images – but even if you can do that, it doesn’t just get put back together again magically. So. Anyone know a good scraper program for Mac?

Public service note: Ideally, it would be helpful to have a program that required you to have server access for it to run, so it would be as legit as possible and not a black hat thing.

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  1. wget -m

    Most servers will have that installed already, and on Mac OS X you can use the MacPorts binary package if you don’t want to bother installing XCode. OSX also comes with curl installed, although that doesn’t have any built-in mirroring mechanism.

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