Smile For Us, Buscemi

My Extra LifeYou probably already saw this but it’s probably worth mentioning. PVP is sponsored by Magic: The Gathering this quarter and the comic will feature product placements and mentions.

Now, it really isn’t a stretch for geek culture items to appear within PVP – at least, I assume it’s not since I haven’t read the comic in a while. I think it’s a smart move if handled deftly. The minute the storylines start taking sharp, awkward turns to accommodate the sponsor, then things might not stay rosy.

Hopefully, it will seem more appropriate than this. Smile, Buscemi, smile.


  1. delos

    It’d be refreshing to hear Watterson pipe up with an observation. We’d all be talking about it for years, I’m sure. Imagine if he opened a comic creating school or a comic improvement program…

    I hope Kurtz handles this well. I’m more comfortable with in-media product placement and ads being subtle and not impinging on the main storyline. A song that mentions drinking a cold Coke in one of the verses as opposed to a whole song about the joys of Coke… you decide.

  2. I think this sort of thing just lowers the already low respect for the art form if that is indeed what it is attempting to do. But then it “is” a form of commercial art so what’s the difference between a PVP strip and an ad for cola? I guess not much.

  3. delos

    Just a quick question… do the Peanut ads for MetLife bother you?

    They don’t for me, but they are/were always separate from the main Peanuts comic. What is it about crossing that line to in-comic ads that rankles me?

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