Webpages and Fails

Drunk Duck seems to have changed its url structure, making all your bookmarks and any webcomic review links outdated. The Cameo Archive needs your help with this, to fix the wrong that was done. (Perhaps someone knowledgeable with MySQL and the new Drunk Duck link pattern can suggest a database query that will automagically fix every link.

You folks who own your own website might want to add the relevant tags to your website so Google knows you are the author of that work. Specifically, you can add the following at the end of each update (replacing the relevant information with your own):

<a rel=”author” href=”https://profiles.google.com/u/0/108457368433390647030″>Published on ArtPatient</a>

Speaking of which, you can find me on Google+, if that’s the easiest way for you to keep track of me.

Aside: For those of you who are also coders or are curious about what Google might do with this information, give this a read.

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