Webcomic Shout Outs

Tails is going to print albeit with a few adjustments. That’ll look great on the printed page. Love & Capes is to be collected, too. O’Malley has a new project I’m sure you can’t wait to see. Curls is supposed to be in next month’s Indie Comics Magazine, too.

Atomic Laundromat hit two, which is still a good milestone. Meanwhile. back at the ranhc, Peacemaker both Lady Sabre began and Inherit The Earth returns. Maybe check out The Tower, if you have time.

Andi Ewington of Com.x was interviewed about Blue Spear. It’s full of backstory that isn’t mentioned in the comic itself, so if you have an interest in Blue Spear, then check out the interview.

And Tangents had some fun interviews with Planet Karen, OTENBA Files, and CVRPG.

Tangents also had an article about complexity in webcomics, covering the cost of complexity of tools and options. An earlier article discussed the same sort of points with reference to the art. The lesson? Don’t make making comics harder and more time consuming than you have to.

CBR gave us Six Great Science Fiction Comics. Read on!


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