Finally, Some Webcomic News

Bear and TigerTo catch us up with reviews, Webcomic Overlook covered Original Life, Birth of Venus, The Paul Reveres and gave a five of five to both Unsounded and Three Word Phrase.

Congrats on your 4th anniversary, El SAnto.

And we all hope to see more reviews from Circuit Reader (h/t to Webcomic Overlook.)

I Am Legend reviewed MS Paint Adventures – or at least put us on notice that we’ll see a full review sometime down the road. Also, The Pocalypse and Tripier Comics got a mention on the Legend and I love the new link domain, by the way. Great name.

Tangents looked at Wiglaf and Mordred, Hocusha, Narbonic, Moron County, Random Encounter, Atomic Laundromat, the squee-tastic Superhero Girl and Sandra and Woo.

Kleefeld reviewed a graphic novel biography of Nelson Mandela. There should be more graphic novel biographies.

Nerds in Babeland reviewed Riot Nrrd. Don’t miss that one.

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