And This Makes A Comic Threefer

Buck GodotOkay, this was a news blurb but ended up turning into a half rant. It’s all about repeating the point, so hold on.

You expect people en masse to just walk into a comic shop and get your Marvel comic fix? Meh. Not going to happen in my neck of the woods. Every comic shop I’ve been in since 1990 has more comics merch than comics.

Marvel needs to look out their office windows and look at all the people walking and driving and biking and talking and eating and riding while peering into their cell phones. You want to get comics in front of people? They have a video screen on all the time in front of them. Make some fun comics that can be read and shared for free on cell phones.

Even people who like comics don’t go to comic shops and paw through storage boxes – they go online for it and then buy a hardcopy at a (now closing) bookstore if they see something that really interests them.

The answer? Hook them with a webcomic. Try new kinds of stories and get readers other than super-hero-philes reading comics.

Back slowly away from the 22 page format. Tell the same story in eight pages to save on creation costs, like Zuda successfully did (except make it easy to read and share across all devices!) Tell the story well, make it available digitally and the audience will follow.

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