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Back Row Comics is pleased to announce sensational artist Jethro Morales (Hack/Slash, Extinct) will be joining FLYING SPARKS, a superhero web comic following a hero and villain in love, who are unaware of each others’ secret lives. Morales begins his tenure on the comic’s one year anniversary.

The pages I’ve seen so far are incredible. Jethro brings a unique style with a great feel and a lot of passion to FLYING SPARKS,” said creator/writer Jon Del Arroz, “The main storyline is ramping up into more action and twists with the third issue. It’s the perfect time to jump in as a new reader.

I’m excited to join the FLYING SPARKS team. The book has a fresh take on the superhero genre with very dynamic characters,” Morales added.

Morales will be showcased starting with the short prequel special, Hannah’s Story, which delves into the romantic life of one of the series’ favorite supporting characters. Morales will continue with artistic duties for the third issue of FLYING SPARKS. Hannah’s Story will also be available as a special preview edtion in limited quantities at San Diego Comic-Con.

FLYING SPARKS has been released with a new page each week since August 2010. The site updates every Wednesday and is available for free at

The new creative team for FLYING SPARKS debuts August 3, 2011. Written by Jon Del Arroz. Art by Jethro Morales and Sanju Nivangune.

Jon Del Arroz

Flying Sparks

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