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Finally and deservedly, Adam gets his star. And Checkov, too. Good for you guys.

Diamond is going digital. SLG has gone digital and even Star Wars comics are now digital, too. A few of the issues are available for free, even.

Pixar’s Brave has an official site and Tom Hanks, the former comedic actor, claims Toy Story 4 is being worked on. And then, to my dismay, there’s this movie that will probably see the light of day.

Lois and Clark never were. Matter of fact, Lois has a different guy. I’ve got a beef with this – Lois is part of Superman’s mythos but Superman is still Superman, with or without her, and if they are going to renew the whole franchise then focus on the hero part. Leave Supes’ personal romantic sacrifice as a minor thing, as it should be. Of course, you might think it’s great for one reason or another but I see it as a weak distraction, at best.

If you want to see those kinds of stories, create a Lois Lane comic. Every woman has a secret action heroine in her, after all. Maybe we’ll see that in Womanthology.

What’s the difference between Marvel and DC heroes? Based on character concepts, DC characters tend to be more principled and idealistic while Marvel heroes don’t tend to be. I can easier say “Green Lanterns are always _____” than I can say “Storm is always _____.” There’s room for both, as long as the story is good.

And, oh yeah, where’s my balance, too?

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