Banished Press Release

Contact JULY 23, 2011
Ryan Smith – Cartoonist

BANISHED WEBCOMIC RETURNS – July 23, 2011 Banished is a science fiction fantasy comic originating in 2006 featuring a rebel alien named Rak who is abandoned on a inhospitable enemy planet. Written by Ryan Smith, the series has passed hands with a variety of exceptional artists until 2008 when an unplanned hiatus took place. Presently new comics are being made on a redesigned website and continue where the climactic story left off!

The premise behind Banished starts off simple: Rak, a rogue alien is placed into custody by a rival alien race. The planet Strix 13 is his unfortunate new home until a decision on what to do with him is reached. An inquisitive robotic explorer named Timbo also lands and learns the subtle nuances of his strange new surroundings from the cermudgeon alien prisoner. Things become complicated when Strix 13 reveals a hidden secret of great interest to a rival species. War breaks out and the two heroes find themselves caught in the middle of it all. New installments of the adventures appear online every Friday featuring exquisite art, humor and interplanetary intrigue.

Ryan Smith has been cartooning on the internet beginning in 2009 with comics ranging from parodying contemporary pop culture to roaming fantasy epics. Banished is his experiment using space and science fiction as a backdrop to engage readers in a fun, uplifting story of good versus evil.

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