Webcomic Shout Outs

thepocalypseWebcomics Guide featured Boots and Pup and i09 pointed us at Cucumber Quest. Down The Tubes talked about the Spirit of Hope Anthology and Panel Patter recommended Delilah Dirk. Comicsbeat had a webcomic parade featuring Techno Junkie and other webcomicy goodness.

The Bluenoser hit 25 comics and Fetch is back from hiatus. Neil Cohn’s site hit 9 years – congrats to all.

It’s always nice to see a little webcomic cross promotion and to get your webcomic questions answered. You can also jump in on some webcomic criticism on Reddit, if that grabs you.

And I’m sure that I wrote this up already but here’s a bunch of lost comic requests that you might enjoy rediscovering.

File Under Other encouraged us to check out comics by Steve Lafler and Patrick Dean and Ben Towle and Brad McGinty. 2816 pointed out five webcomics to go see and you can read about the inspiration for Cars2 on Yahoo.

Comics Alliance talked about Miners Mutiny. ComixTalk let us know about the Bifter (and Kleefeld ruminated further on here.)

Newsarama interviewed Cat and Girl, Nedroid and Ellie’s on Planet X, among others. Andertoons was interviewed about using cartoons in PowerPoints.

The cast of Law and Order appreciates webcomics. We have evidence. We also have evidence of a Comics Festival in Maine but these crimes appear to be unrelated.

Finally, there’s a new Star Wars webcomic. I’d say more about it but no one will ever read the sentence after that link.


  1. Thanks for the shout out for the 25th Bluenoser page. Now that DrunkDuck is back up and running I can get back to updating.

    And now I’ll be spending the rest of my day going through all those links. 😉

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