Helpful Webcomic Tricks

Future KingsI really love the artistic process. Check out ReMind’s version. I also like hearing about other artists’ time saving techniques and RIchmond’s lettering process. 2816 had some good comic scripting ideas, too.

Brigid pointed out one of a number of Sean’s good articles on webcomics over at MTV. Terry Cronin asked “Why Do Comic Books Rule The Box Office?

And then Krishna had very helpful posts on how to publish your ebook and halftones. Go read it now. (And you know PC Weenies is on hiatus, right? You can catch repeats on his Tumblr page, if you want.)

More comic tips, tricks and quips are available at MalaakOnline. Bookmark it and follow the blog.

Onezumi (a long time ago) talked about how to take criticism that was worth revisiting. In the same vein, Problogger had a post about finding your blog’s voice that might pertain to webcomics.

Wired thinks there are problems with ebooks, some of which are valid since you want people to be able to show their friends your comic as an ebook. Restrictions will eventually ease, don’t worry.



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