Word From The Webcomic Sidewalks

How I Roll ShirtPanel Patter had a lot of good comic news you might want to check out if you’re not too busy waiting for the Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon or the Dr. Who Cartoon to get finished. And no, they won’t be on Cartoon Network. Penny Arcarde may be a movie someday, though.

Meanwhile, Campbell’s forum was hacked, which seems to have been taken care of.

ComixTalk brought up editorial comics, which people do like to see. They fit contextually in newspapers but they could just as easily be on a newspaper’s website, don’t you think?

Courtesy of Twitter, she’s got a webcomic, she just needs a domain name. He has a comic but needs an artist. This guy has problems.

If you have an intellectual bent, you might like to catch the Comics Forum and Comics Research.

If you get Mutts fix via email like I do, you’ll be happy to know that your emailed strips are now current instead of being two weeks behind. Mutts


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