Assorted Comic News

Pajama ForestHave you caught Morgan Wick’s claim that the first week of June was the most pivotal week in webcomics?

Graphicly had a site redesign. It’s better.

Mark Millar left Marvel. What’s next, I wonder?

You heard about Ron Perazza resigning from DC, right? I’m not sure what he’s doing now but we can keep track of him right here.

And while Ron and the rest of us wait on DC’s new initiative that’s sure to drive comic stores out of business, you can consider Dark Horse’s digital comic program for comparison.

And with the Comics Code dead, Image has created one of their own. Hopefully it will help.

Superman is getting a new suit. Meh. It’s understandable, given his upcoming breakup– he needs new duds. I think they could do better and make superhero webcomics.

M.A.S.K. is coming on August 9th. Save your pennies.

Now you’ll go read ElfQuest for free.

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