Computer Trix

Pig Latin ShirtHere’s a neat trick you might make an interesting comic effect with…
sliding overlays. Or perhaps you’d like to create an image rotator to show off your latest five comics? Can you use any sketch writing fonts for a little dialog variety in your comic?

Maybe you’ll get really crazy and drop ComicPress for Comic Easel. Let us know if you like it better. Frumph had some suggestions about speeding up your website. As you know, that’s one thing Google looks at – you can test your site by going to and see how long it takes to load. (This site was taking seven seconds but I found some things I could adjust and got it down to three seconds or so.)

I’m waiting to see more of a final coding standard on this, but Google wants to know about authors (and creators, by extension.) It seems like there’s still some details up in the air about this and microformat schema but I will keep you informed when I see something more definite.

Jim Campbell, letterer extraordinaire, mentioned that Blambot has a new blog. He also has this great tutorial on sound effects.

We Are Autobots. You are Optimus Prime according to the scanners. (You will be too if you have a camera on your comuter…)

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