Webcomic Review Catchup

Okay, I haven’t published a webcomic review roundup in awhile so here goes…

Chuck and BeansHigh Low reviewed Smoo Comics, minicomics by Frakes and Kane and new minis by Susie Cagle. High Low also pointed us toward Zak Selly and his kickstarter page for Sammy the Mouse. Mombsite reviewed Blue Spear, encouraging us to check it out.

Eben07 gave a shout out to Delilah Dirk while I Am Legend looked at 8-Bit Theater. Tangents looked with fondness at Sandra and Woo while Webcomic Overlook covered Malaak: Angel of Peace, punched NInjasaurSpy6teen and The Continentals right in the eye, gave Yehuda Moon five stars and almost reviewed Least I Could Do. And I’d like to thank Tangents for letting us know that Planet Karen is updating again.

For those of you who like si-ens feekshun, ComixTalk examined the Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity collection, Zhi liked Red’s Planet and CBR looked at a webcomic a day during the month of May. Digital Strips reviewed Evil Inc Volumes 1 and 2 and Panels on Pages liked Superfogeys. Tangents pointed us to a list of sci fi webcomics, briefly reviewed Superhero Girl, Punch and Pie, Pennie and Aggie and QC AND also liked the current direction that Girl Genius is going in as well as Bardsworth. I Am Legend thought Artificial was pretty good but was really impressed with Freak Angels, naturally. Interestingly, CAD rated well but Antionestrife didn’t want to live there.

i09 had a bunch of sci-fi cop shows you might want to reminisce about and I also ran across El Eternauta, a sci fi comic from over 50 years ago.

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