Angry Salt Men From Mars

I’m still trying to exercise my creative muscles, so here’s another collection of random news items put together as a potential comic.

Doing a sci-fi comic? Would you like some computer interface movie references for some visual variety inspiration? Ah, and you’ll need abandoned tunnels and secret projects, which I’m sure we’ll find a use for.

Ah, here we go. Since SETI is in danger of being shut down, the alien factions can get their invasion on since we are not advancing according to “the plan.” The tunnels give us somewhere to hide, I guess.

And you probably ought to know what “Hooah” means (according to Wikipedia, anyway.) Seems appropriate.

Just for a final twist, let’s throw in the Dead Sea as a sea-floor mining operation location. Drowning is a hazardsomehow unique.

Tune in next time for another installment of Random Creation Theatre.

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