Improving Webcomics

Papercraft SupesWe really ought to be open to new techniques and practices. Otherwise, we might find our work stunted.

The best way to continue growing artistically is just to create. To practice. To just do it. However, it sounds trite until you break it down.

And then we need to be better than most. Everyone has the same access to pen, paper and Photoshop that you do. To stand out, you have to be better and you can’t be better without practice and effort. (There are tons of ways to be better – we aren’t all creating the same comic, after all.)

We may even have to change our presentation, or at least give it some serious thought. (Hat Tip to Xerxes along with other comic news you don’t want to overlook.)

And Blambot has an update for you, if you use the Opentype Silver Age BB font.

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