Webcomic Happenings

The Beat covered the Stumptown Comics Festival, which seems to have had a million things going on. Robot 6 had a job board, for all the hopefuls.

Meanwhile, Supes gave up his American citizenship. At the risk of irritating folks further, perhaps that’s the most honest thing to do. He would be the one person allowed to cast two ballots in elections, which isn’t really fair anyway. More importantly, it was the 900th issue, which would suggest 75 years of Action comics but the math only suggests 73 years worth. Any super scholars in the house?

MadInkBeard turned seven and Socialfist turned one. Congrats!

SciFi Pulse interviewed Daryl Edelman, who talked about Marvel, Sonic, Garments of Fleas and Comic Book Marginal. Also interviewed was Scott Rosenberg, who commented on Platinum Studios and Cowboys and Aliens, among other things. And Stephen King was asked a number of questions about his creative process.

We also should take the time to congratulate David and Val. All the best to the two of you.

And Gronk has been around for a year already. Congratulations!


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