The Webcomic Factory Launches “I Hate My Kids”

The Webcomic Factory, online at, is launching a new, online comic book series called I Hate My Kids.
“I wanted to do a kids comic,” says Webcomic Factory co-founder, Tony DiGerolamo. “This comic embodies all the frustration parents feel towards their kids. The kids, of course, are oblivious.”
Featuring the illustrations of New York artist, Harold George, DiGerolamo wanted to work for George for a while. “I’m psyched to be working with such talented writing as Tony’s,” says George. “We’d been emailing back and forth. Harold does a ton of webcomics already. The Show and Funnicks. I knew he’d be the right choice for the Webcomic Factory line up.”
The first strip of I Hate My Kids premieres this Wednesday on site. The Webcomic Factory posts a new comic every day at

Tony DiGerolamo
(609) 980-0072

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