Webcomic Reviews Variety Hour

Hungry Hippos ShirtKleefeld covered The Long Tail and The Art of War and Inc Magazine also had a writeup on them in their May 2011 issue.

I Am Legend reviewed Off Season, Destroyer, Edini and The Path.

Narrative Investigations looked at Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword and a whole bunch more that you will want to catch up on. Whew.

Shoebox does FacebookWebcomic Overlook turned its gaze on The Bean, The Boy With Nails For Eyes, Zahra’s Paradise and Max Overacts, among other interesting comic news.

Tangents looked at Saucer Seekers and B.O.W.L., spoke briefly about Finder’s Keeper and Dumbing of Age, and interviewed both Shaenon Garrity and Jennie Breeden.

Death To The Universe examined Hal Foster’s work on Prince Valiant, which I found through the Comics Reporter. High-Low Comics looked at a bunch of fun mini comics from Aaron Cockle and CCS Grads. Talkin Bout Comics looked at Copper after finding the book in the library. Meanwhile, Storming the Tower talked about Quantum Vibe, Escape From Terra and Hats

And this was just plain awesome.

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