Dubious Inspiration for Modern Comics

Beard Types
Just a few little something specials for your comic inspiration.

The Bionic Eye is almost contemporary, for all you modern comic creators.

And then there’s the euthanasia roller coaster, which might do what it says it would.

And 7 wacky battle bots… who will eventually be given police authority and directed to pull you over to check your text messages.

Next, secret documents get revealed that show islands are suddenly appearing all over the world as other parts plunge into flaming destruction.

Here’s a little something more for conspiracy comics. US oil consumption per day is almost 21 million barrels. Gas is now around $4 a gallon and still rising – if your fictional world leaders blame this rise on some Arab country in the midst of a civil war, surely it wouldn’t be one that produces only 1.8 million barrels a day, or a bit over 5% if the US bought all of Libya’s oil. For perspective, the Gulf Oil spill is estimated to have lost about 5 million barrels over 87 days. But perhaps that’s just a cover for oil smuggling – they just dump it in the ocean near oil spills for storage.

Now, your island hopping secret agents have a mission – who is stealing almost two million barrels of oil per day and hiding it on the ocean floor? They can use their bionic eyes to scan and read secret documents while fighting robots on scary scaffolding. This comic is writing itself, really. But it needs something more for visuals and urgency.

We could also have a nice selection of diseases for you to choose from. And a nice rolling Bond-style hospital to treat the patients in.

Emergency Van Concept


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