Webcomic Plugs and Reviews

Kim KPopCandy offered us three webcomics that we need to be reading while ComixTalk pointed out Bad Machinery being worth reading. Narrative Investigations talked about dead webcomics that should have been spared. The Eisiners were announced and the Mission can be found here.

Tom Fowler thanked Mr. Watterson. In the long run, that’s worth more than money from merch sales, isn’t it?

And before Webcomic Overlook came back from its usual spring vacation, it asks us about our opinion on hyperbole and the results so far are interesting. Plus, a new mask!

Tangents brought us a review of Original Life. I Am Legend covered End Stone and Shadow Binders

Koltreg is looking for an artist collaborator, if you are an artist in search of a project.

Some of us can’t wait to talk about webcomics. You may get some of your webcomic discussion fix with like minded individuals over at Webcomic.Net or occasionally at Eyeskream. There’s also a 5 page thread about Your favourite webcomic that never updates (and is not ‘Dresden Codak’).

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