Webcomic Quality

Erick Larson savaged webcomics – mostly by saying that there is a lot of webcomics of questionable quality. Well, I can state for a fact that there are a lot of print comics of questionable quality, too. There are far less print comics than webcomics, of course, but the principle remains. Just because I or Mr. Larson or whomever puts ink to paper doesn’t mean it is quality. Let’s be clear – the problem I have is not really Mr. Larson’s opinion – the problem is that the medium isn’t the problem. Artists have to learn somewhere and comics of value don’t always come from one place or even consistently.

This might be a good spot to throw in Why I Draw by Grant Snider – while quality comics are more enjoyable, it doesn’t matter what the quality if if you love to draw. (Not a reflection on Mr. Grant’s work, by the way.)

And ReMind tells us, if we think we have a quality comic, how to apply for a Xeric grant.

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