Comic Mentions

Missile Mouse ComicSeeing this post from Tangents made my heart skip a beat at first. My first impression was that it was going away but I’m pleased to see that while it’s tough to do regular reviews and produce creatively, Tangents is still moving forward.

I hadn’t stopped by ComicSpace in a while either, but it does look like spammers have a stronghold there.

It’s worth noting that Tokyopop is shutting down. Information is scarce, but I suspect that Borders was their cash cow and the money has dried up. It’s tempting to assign the blame for both closings on the Paris Hilton manga, but I don’t think we can accurately do that.

Are you a fan of Steve Rude’s work? Robot 6 shared a pickled pack of marker sketches of his.

And the 18 comics worth checking out this summer, from i09. I’m intrigued by the first one, anyway.

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