‘Scooter and Ferret’ Webcomic Writer Makes a Berry Big Leap

Strawberry Shortcake ComicGeorgia Ball, author of the webcomic “Scooter and Ferret,” takes her first step into print comics this July with the release of “Strawberry Shortcake Berry Fun” #1. The four issue mini-series, published by Ape Entertainment under their all-ages Kizoic line, ties in with the 3-D animated Strawberry Shortcake cartoon series featured on The Hub.

“When Ape asked me if I was interested, the answer was easy,” Georgia said. “I had more Strawberry Shortcake merchandise than any kid in the neighborhood. This comic series showcases tremendous female talents like Tanya Roberts and Amy Mebberson, and I’m looking forward to reading these new stories about Strawberry’s world to my own daughter.”

Georgia partnered with her artist and husband Scott Ball on “Scooter and Ferret” for six years, but when Scott was tapped for a comics project of his own, the webcomic went on hiatus. “I’ve been a longtime member of ‘Obscure Webcomics Anonymous’,” she acknowledges. “It’s just nice to know someone was reading.”

You can find Strawberry Shortcake Berry Fun at Ape Entertainment.


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