Warnings and Milestones

If you have (or once had) a comic or blog on Blogger, make sure you log in and switch to a newer account type. If you don’t, or you haven’t logged in since 2007ish, Google will be closing your legacy account on June 25, 2011. All your content will be deleted, otherwise.

On the upswing, the Irregular Webcomic has passed the 3000 comic mark. Congrats! Interestingly, the Irregular Forumites mentioned that Calvin & Hobbes only had 3,160 comics. That seems a bit short to me – it’s only 8.5 years worth of comics – 1.5 years short of the ten years I thought those comics were made. Can anyone who has the Complete C&H verify that?

In any case, I’m sure you would agree that Irregular Webcomic deserves a jump for joy!


  1. delos

    There was another version of the video (which was taken down) where he did a very similar routine but he lands it without taking a step.

    He does wobble a little bit and shake his head. Poor guy got dizzy, I think.

    (And your comment got sent to Akismet spam, but I rescued it.)

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